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German documentary

I'd love to see this...

You may not know the name "David LaChapelle," but you almost certainly know the gay photographer's work, which generally features hot stars like Pamela Anderson, Drew Barrymore, Jim Carrey, and many more, shot against bright, candy-colored backdrops in witty and outrageous positions.

LaChapelle's provocative, eye-popping work is the subject of a new German documentary, David LaChapelle with Paris HiltonCandy in the Eye: The Crazy World of David LaChapelle.

Director Hilka Sinning follows the photographer from L.A. to Barcelona to Milan to Manhattan as he shoots everyone from leggy Vogue models to Shakira to transgender va-va-voom girl Amanda Lepore.

No word on a U.S. theatrical or DVD release, but domestic audiences will have a chance to witness the mania at gay and lesbian film festivals nationwide this summer.


Candy in the Eye - The Crazy World of David LaChapelle - (Germany, 2006, 52 mins)
This duo of entertaining docs provides informative, humorous views of two contemporary queer artists. The lavishly provocative portraiture of art world bad boy David LaChapelle takes center stage in the fast-paced CANDY ON THE EYE - THE CRAZY WORLD OF DAVID LACHAPELLE, which follows the photographer around the world. (....)

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