sugarmuffin (muffinjessica) wrote in lachapelle_love,

David LaChapelle directs J Lo's new video

Smut for Sale

Out-of-work actors, street-corner regulars and die-hard Jennifer Lopez fans, have we got news for you. They’re casting for J.Lo’s new music video. Gonna be shot by none other than David LaChapelle, and Marc Anthony will not be making a cameo, so the air’s confirmed to be super sex-ay. And instead of trying to connect with her Puerto Rican heritage, as she did semibadly in El Cantante, J.Lo just wants to slut it up this time around. Which are her real roots, right? Without further ado, we present excerpts from said condom-ready call:

"It’s a sexy, sweaty underworld through which Jennifer struts with all the street-tough style of a ghetto goddess, channeling Pam Grier in films like Foxy Brown. She’s a vision of a badass street vixen, starring in a modern take on Sweet Charity.”

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