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David LaChapelle does shoot for MT's VMAs

by Steve Baltin

Each of the performers scheduled to appear at this year's MTV Video Music Awards -- Lily Allen, Chris Brown, Fall Out Boy, Rihanna, Timbaland, Kanye West, Amy Winehouse and the Foo Fighters -- gathered in Santa Monica, Calif., recently for an exclusive photo shoot with iconic photographer and film director David LaChapelle. The troupe was also treated to a preview of West's new album, 'Graduation,' due Sept. 11, and of all the tracks, the overwhelming favorite among the performers -- according to MTV's on-set crew -- is 'Stronger.'

All of the photos, though available individually, can be pieced together as part of a larger panoramic that underscores the VMA's Las Vegas-themed event -- specifically, the city's Palms Hotel.

Source and another photo here:
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